Bravecto Chew for Small Dogs 4.5kg-10kg (Orange)


Bravecto chewable tablet is a highly palatable, easy to administer chew.

One single dose provides 3 months of protection against fleas, 4 months protection against paralysis ticks and 8 weeks protection against brown dog and bush ticks.

The oral chew provides full-year protection in just four doses.


Bravecto Chewables for Dogs is the only oral chew to deliver 3 months flea and 4 months paralysis tick protection for dogs in a single dose. It eliminates fleas within 8 hours of administration and provides effective control of pre-existing paralysis tick infestations within 24 hours. It also treats ear mites. Bravecto can be used in puppies from 8 weeks of age weighing greater than 2kg. It is also safe for use in breeding, pregnant, and lactating dogs.

Key Benefits

  • Simple to manage – Full year flea protection in just four doses means fewer treatments to remember each year, therefore less to forget! Protection at every season.
  • Peace of mind – Peace of mind knowing your dog is protected for 3 months against fleas and 4 months against deadly paralysis tick with just one dose of Bravecto
  • Easy to administer – Tasty oral chew is easy and convenient to dose
  • Won’t wash or rub off – Won’t wash or rub off so your dog can go for a bath or swim.

Additional information

Packet Size

1 Pack, 2 Pack

Active Constituents

136.4g/kg FLURALANER



  • Weigh the dog before starting the treatment.
  • Mix with food or administer orally into the mouth.
  • You can start Bravecto treatment at any time of the year and can continue it for the whole year without any interruption.
  • For dogs weighing more than 56kg use a combination of chews that most closely matches the bodyweight.


Administer Bravecto according to the packet weight marked. 1 chew per packet to suit weight required.

*For use in dogs from 8 weeks of age only.