KER Glucos-A-Flex


Broad spectrum joint supplement providing vital nutrients involved in joint health and function.

GLUCOS-A-FLEX contains a blend of glucosamine hydrochloride, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.


GLUCOS-A-FLEX contains Zinpro Performance Minerals® organic copper, which has been shown to assist with the formation of connective tissue, bones and joint cartilage. Organic zinc supports cell division and protein synthesis for skeletal growth and repair.

Why use Glucos-A-Flex:

  • Affordable, powdered supplement for all working, performance and aged horses.
  • When used long-term, glucosamine has shown to be beneficial for joint health and function.
  • The nutrients contained in the formula work synergistically and are essential for bone metabolism and the maintenance of cartilage and elastic connective tissue.


Additional information


1kg, 5kg


Feeding Directions

60g for the first 4 weeks of supplementation.
30g for horses and ponies in work, aged or retired horses (Supplying glucosamine at 16.7mg/kg body weight)


Nutrient Conent 30 g 1 kg
Glucosamine HCI 10,000 mg 333.3 g
Methionine 1500 mg 50 g
Vitamin C 500 mg 167 g
Manganese + 150 mg 5,000 mg
Zinc + 200 mg 6,667 mg
Copper + 75 mg 2,500 mg
Calcium 5 g 166.7 g

+ Contains organic minerals