Goer Straighteners


Goer Straighteners are designed particularly for horses who are narrow through the chest and provide an alternative to Bar Spreaders.


Like Bar Spreaders, the Goer Straighteners assist in keeping the legs wider while racing so that the horse does not knock its knees or otherwise interfere with keeping a straight stride.

They are made from tubing that has been reinforced with strong nylong webbing, which gives a cushioned effect when used on the horse without any loss of strength.

This model is fitted by looping them over the horse’s wither and behind the elbow as shown. A strap across the front of the chest helps to keep the Straighteners in the correct position. The buckle end attaches to the sulky shafts.

This design offers slightly more elbow lift, and encourages a more rolling gait to reduce interference.

Clear Reinforced tube with webbing core and black straps for connection to the shaft.