Honey B 20kg

Hygain Honey B is a micronized sweet feed designed by nature and buzzing with natural goodness.

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HYGAIN® HONEY B® is a micronized sweet feed designed by nature and buzzing with natural goodness. HYGAIN® HONEY B® is a cool, high fibre designed to meet the nutritional needs of horses  in light to moderate work.

Product Features

Micronized grains provide safe and cool energy and body conditioning

For the fussy eaters

Chelated Minerals are highly available and support healthy bones.

Natural Vitamin E for antioxidant, circulatory and cardiovascular functions

Pure Rice Bran Oil to maximise absorption and feed efficiency for muscle building.


Crude Protein 10 % Calcium 1.2%
Crude Fat 4% Phosphorous 0.5%
Max Crude Fibre 14% Vitamin E 250 IU/kg
Added Salt 1.25% Selenium 0.4 mg/kg


HYGAIN® HONEY B® is a blend of the following quality ingredients:

Micronized Barley, Micronized Lupins, Rice Bran Oil, Legume Hulls, Honey Flavour, Natural Vitamin E, Lucerne Chaff, Molasses, Salt, Calcium Carbonate, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Oxide, Bio-Available Selenium and HYGAIN® Vitamin and Chelated Mineral Premix.

Special Ingredients

HYGAIN® RBO® – RBO® Equine Performance Oil® is a blend of rice bran oil, omega 3,6 & 9 essential fatty acids and natural anti-oxidants known to improve the health and structural integrity of cell membranes. RBO® oil plays an important role in maximising energy efficiency due to its energy dense nature and is digested efficiently in the small intestine reducing the ‘sugar high’ associated with high grain diets. RBO® promotes growth and development of the muscular system, top line and a healthy skin and coat.

Natural Vitamin E – This unique and highly stable form of Natural Vitamin E known as RRR-a-tocopherol is up to 5 times more bio available and potent than regular synthetic sources of Vitamin E. Research has shown that this form of Natural Vitamin E provides higher retention levels in plasma further aiding antioxidant, immune, cardiovascular, circulatory, neuromuscular and reproductive functions.

Super Fibres – As the name suggests super fibre is a product that contains highly digestible fibre with very little non-digestible fibre. These highly digestible fibre sources provide horses with a calorie content similar to grain, however since they are fibre they are safer to feed and given that Super Fibres are digested in the hindgut (cecum and colon) they do not produce rapid changes in blood sugar (Fizz) like grain. Super fibres are as safe to feed as chaff or hay and even more digestible.

HYGAIN® MICRBARLEY® – MICRBARLEY® is rapidly converted and absorbed as glucose in the small intestine, providing energy twice as efficiently as starch fermented in the large intestine. The starch in MICRBARLEY® is over 98% digested in the horse’s small intestine whereas the starch in unprocessed and conventionally processed grains is only 20-30% digested. By transferring the site of digestion back to the small intestine we reduce the burden of fermentation on the large intestine and the accumulation of lactic acid, heat and ammonia. HYGAIN® MICRBARLEY® grains provide for safer, cooler feeding which can in turn lead to fewer incidences of colic, laminitis, acidosis, fatigue, nervousness and reduced performance.


Feeding Guide

HYGAIN® HONEY B® is a nutritious palatable honey coated sweet feed. Care should be taken to match feed intake to body condition and workload. Reduce feed intake on rest days, if horses gain weight and/or training regime is interrupted.

HYGAIN® HONEY B® should be introduced to your horse’s diet gradually. Feeding amount may be influenced by age, breed, appetite, exercise, desired body condition, pasture/hay quality and availability and climate. HYGAIN® HONEY B® should be fed in conjunction with quality pasture, hay and/or chaff.

Feeding Rates per Day*

Body Weight Height HONEY B® Roughage
250-350kg 13-14hh 1.5kg – 2.5kg 3kg – 4kg
350-450kg 14-15hh 1.5kg – 4kg 4kg – 5kg
450-550kg 15-16hh 2kg – 5kg 5kg – 6kg
550-650kg 16hh+ 2.5kg – 6kg 6kg – 7kg

*Intended as guide only, all variables should be taken into consideration.

Weight per HYGAIN dipper (2ltr)

Feeding Tips

  1. Introduce HYGAIN® HONEY B® to your horse’s diet gradually over a 7-14 day period.
  2. Feed by weight and not by volume.
  3. Feed a minimum of 1% of your horse’s body weight daily as roughage.
  4. Horses have a small stomach, so feed little and often.
  5. Ensure horses have access to clean water.
  6. For dietary recommendations and nutritional solutions contact HYGAIN®.