Sykes Minbal 4in1 500ml


A compound mineral injection for the prevention and treatment of milk fever, grass tetany and allied mineral deficiency.

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A compound mineral injection ready for instant use for the prevention and treatment of milk fever, grass tetany and allied mineral deficiency


  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Glucose

With Holding Period: Nil

Additional information

Packet Size

15 x 500ml Bulk Buy, 500ml


How is Rudduck Minbal 4 in 1 administered?

If possible, warm solution to body temperature, prior to injection. Snap the tip off the plug, ensuring the solution can flow freely and connect the sterile needle provided. Disinfect the injection site and insert the needle under the skin of the neck or over the ribs. Gently squeeze the bag to inject the contents. The area may be massaged following injection to allow for quicker absorption of the solution. Large volumes should be distributed over more than one injection site. If complete recovery does not occur within 3-4 hours repeat injection and seek veterinary advice.


Minbal 4 in 1 should be used when the animal does not respond to Rudduck Double-Cal as the animal may be lacking in other minerals.

Dosage Rates (by subcutaneous injection)

Animal Size Volume Required
Cattle Small Cow 350mL
Heavier Cow 500-750mL
Sheep Sml breeds 40-70kg 60mL-100mL
Heavier breeds 70-100kg 100-150mL


When treating hypomagnesaemia (grass/lactating tetany) an initial treatment with a magnesium salt solution should be given as well as this product.

All care must be taken to deliver the dose slowly whilst monitoring the cows heart closely.

Subcutaneous injection only

Storage & Disposal

Store below 30°C (Room Temperature) Protect from light.

Dispose of unwanted packaging by wrapping in paper and placing in garbage. Discarded needles should be placed in a designated and appropriately labelled “sharps” container.