Kazoo Possum Bed


Just like us hoomans, as dogs age, they require more support to take a load off their aching joints.
This bed offers premium memory foam which gives orthopaedic comfort, helping with arthritis and muscle pain. The denser foam also makes it easier for older dogs to get in and out of bed as the mattress won’t sink down or sag like other lower-quality foam beds.

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To the untrained eye I may simply appear to be in a deep slumber. Or snoring. Maybe on my back with all four paws up in the air. Quite possibly curled up into a snug ball. Potentially on my front in a classic belly curl. And perhaps resting my head against raised soft edges as I take a comfy yet calming power nap. But to those in the know, I’m actually busy getting my best groove on amongst the deeply relaxing grooves of my orthopaedic Possum Bed.

Just like me, it’s made for stylish homes and even comes with washable furniture-grade fabrics to keep the pawrents happy too. I give it four paws up!

Width: 76cm
Depth: 62cm
Height: 16cm
Width: 90cm
Depth: 67cm
Height: 20cm
Width: 118cm
Depth: 80cm
Height: 20cm

Nervous dogs need help to feel secure. This bed’s high raised edges and super soft padding and fabric allow them to burrow and snuggle in – creating a feeling of protection, comfort and safety.

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Extra Large, Large, Medium

Care Instructions


The cover is fully removable for easy washing.

  • Un-zip cover and remove inner foam sections (keep aside)
  • Gentle machine wash in cool water using mild detergent
  • Air dry – do not tumble dry as this may cause the cover to shrink