Kohnke’s Own Cell-Perform


Kohnke’s Own Cell-Perform provides: 

  • Scientifically formulated ‘ration balancer’ for the health, vitality and peak performance of horses
  • Contains premium, bioavailable bone minerals, trace-minerals and vitamins
  • Extra muscle antioxidants for robust strength, stamina and performance

Formulated for increased micronutrient needs of horses in regular training and equestrian competition.


For All Competitive Horses

When Performance is Paramount!

Kohnke’s Own Cell-Perform is a comprehensive ration balancing supplement of essential bone minerals, trace-minerals and vitamins specially formulated for dressage, show jumping and eventing horses as well as other horses in competitive disciplines.

Comprehensive Nutritional Formulation

Kohnke’s Own Cell-Perform features a special concentrated ratio of important muscle nutrients to ensure robust muscle health and function. High potency antioxidants help encourage muscle strength and stamina in equestrian disciplines requiring collection and impulsion.

Unique Design for Optimum Results

Kohnke’s Own Cell-Perform is a mix of 5 separate, colour-coded Supplet® pellets which contain only compatible nutrients groups. This novel, patented Supplet® format is unique to Kohnke’s Own and improves the potency and stability of the supplement during storage and in wet or dry feeds.

Easy Feeding Options for all Rations

Kohnke’s Own Cell-Perform is the perfect ‘top-up’ for a commercial feed diet, or a full supplement for a home-mixed ration, to ensure important trace-minerals and vitamins are optimally provided in premium, bioavailable forms.

Suitable For:

  • Horses in regular training or when competing regularly
  • Formulated for Dressage, Show-Jumping, Eventing or Showing horses
  • Horses needing extra antioxidants for improved muscle health
  • A premium comprehensive supplement for all horses
  • A commercial, prepared feed as a ‘top-up’ supplement
  • As a concentrated supplement of premium nutrients without energy or fizziness