Livamol Blu Colour Whitener & Brightener


Livamol Blu has been especially formulated to shift stubborn stains and dirt from coats, manes & tails, brightening darker colours and whitening whites and greys.

Fast acting, Livamol Blu dries to a glistening finish after the first wash.


Especially formulated to shift stubborn marks, stains and dirt from coat, mane and tail of animals of any colours. Its effectiveness is quickly visible by brightening darker and whitening white and grey colours.

Fast acting, it dries to a glistening finish after the first wash and easily removes the most difficult manure and grass stains.

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5L, 750ml


First shampoo the animal. When cleaning body and mane, use 20 – 50ml of Livamol Blu with 8L of warm water, agitating to a foam & apply over the wet animal or spot wash as required. Soak for 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly and scrape dry. Livamol Blue can be applied to wet animals.

For manes & tails:Wet tail & thoroughly apply Livamol Blu, working in completely. Soak 5 minutes, rinse, then dry. Use Livamol Glo to protect the coat & provide the final show finish.