Mitavite Super Amino 66


Mitavite Super Amino 66 is a quality protein, amino acid, vitamin and mineral supplement that helps to support muscle and bone growth and remodelling


Super Amino 66® is complemented by all 10 essential amino acids and increased levels of the valuable branched chain amino acids that may be beneficial in the building and the repair of muscle plus added antioxidants that may be of assistance in enhancing recovery after work.

Super Amino 66® contains a full complement of vitamins and minerals. It is a favourable addition to any horse’s ration that need their performance and preparation accelerated and enhanced. If you are serious about performance you need to have one supplement in your feed room and it should be Super Amino 66®.

  • Protein and amino acid supplement for horses
  • Rich in quality protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals that target muscle and bone growth and remodelling
  • Added antioxidants to aid recovery after strenuous work
  • Helps accelerate and improve performance in all disciplines
  • Aids in building lean muscle mass and improving topline
  • Supports recovery in convalescing horses and maintenance of condition in older horses
  • Fortified with Bonafide to support optimal bone density
  • Contains Anazolic to stimulate appetite
  • Mixes easily into feed

Feeding Guide

  • Thoroughbred and Standardbred horses in work – 0.5g per kg bodyweight per day (200g for a 400kg horse).
  • Poorly conditioned horses and poor milking broodmares – 1g per kg bodyweight per day (400g for a 400kg horse).
  • Recuperating, ill or injured horses – 1.5g – 2 g per kg bodyweight per day (600g to 800g for a 400kg horse).


Vitamite SuperAmino 660® contains a balanced blend of 12 Branched Chain (BCAA) and Essential Amino Acids (EAA), including Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine, Lysine and Methionine in a “horse-specific” profile. Vitamite Super Amino 66® also provides a comprehensive range of vitamins and minerals, including 1 mg/kg Selenium – plus Anazolic. Protein 66®

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