Mustad Copper Hammer Head2 Nail


The Copper Hammerhead nail has the same features as the traditional Hammerhead nail but with the added benefit of the copper coating.

The quality of the coating is above industry standards. As a result, these nails are more capable to reduce oxydation in the nail holes. The surface is very clean and smooth, ensuring a better and more precize drive.

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For years Mustad has been producing copper coated nails for specific regions. That product range is now expanding further to cover all market needs.

The Racenail Revolution

  • Specifically designed, wide rectangular head for added durability along the full shoeing cycle
  • The distinct neck and head waffle design, combined with the exclusive Mustad Pitch technology, providing a safe locking solution the shoe crease
  • The perfect fit prevents any shoe movement and therefore limits hoof wall displacement
  • A long and slim shank, to drive high when needed, provides an easy and strong clinching
  • Designed for the Thoroughbred hoof: The sharp, exact point ensures a consistent drive, minimizing the hoof wall impact to an absolute minimum
  • The wide rectangular head provides a perfect lock in the shoe crease
  • The HammerHead nail fits into all creased race shoes punched for both CH and E Nails.

Available in 250 packets.

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