Mustad GDM Driving Hammer


The Grant Moon GDM range of hammers is here!

In a collaboration between Mustad and Grant Moon, we have teamed up to create a distinctive line of farrier tools, paying attention to the smallest details and materials to give the maximum performance and reliability. Made in Italy.

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The GDM DRIVING HAMMERS have been developed to have a striking face that is forward-weighted and set at an angle, so you can strike the nail directly minimizing the risk of bending nails. The claw has a sharp back edge to be able to grad a nail and pull it out so the claw can be used to wring excess nail tips off.
The claw is angled correctly to be able to easily pull a partly driven nail from the shoe.
The handle is shaped asymmetrically to give a better, more comfortable grip.

The Driving hammer come in three weights :
8oz (225g)
9oz (250g)

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225g, 250g