Nature’s Botanical Lotion Spray


An excellent fly and mosquito repellent that lasts for up to 4 hours and is made of all natural oils.

Perfect for human and animal use.

Australian Made.


  • Convenient if you need to apply it to large surface areas of skin or multiple people.
  • It is not an aerosol which means you do not lose a lot in the air.
  • It has an adjustable spray nozzle.

The lotion is white and in a vegetable emulsifier so substantially thinner than the Crème so that it may work well within the spray and roll-on applications.
It has a very pleasant aroma, is nourishing to the skin and leaves no oily residue when rubbed in.

Additional information


125ml, 500ml, 50ml

Active Constituents

66.7g/L Rosemary Oil

66.7g/L Cedarwood Oil