NEXGARD SPECTRA Very Large Dog 30.1-60kg


Protection made easy

NexGard SPECTRA is the most complete parasite protection, all in one tasty chew. Just one monthly chew protects against fleas, ticks, mites, heartworm and intestinal worms in dogs.
Some worming tablets and flea treatments can be difficult to administer but NexGard SPECTRA is a tasty beef-flavoured chew that dogs love. That makes it so easy for you to keep your dog protected.


Nexgard Spectra Red for Dogs Weighing 30.1-60kg

NexGard Spectra is a monthly treatment in the form of a beef flavoured chew which provides your dog with protection against most internal and external parasites of dogs in Australia.

Key Benefits:

NexGard Spectra provides all in one protection against fleas, ticks, mites, heartworm, and intestinal worms including flea tapeworm. It does not provide protection against hydatid tapeworm.

Usage Instructions:

NexGard Spectra is given orally once a month, please weigh your dog and follow the packaging instructions for the right dosage. For best performance treat your dog on or around the same day each month.


Safe for use in puppies over 2kg from 8 weeks of age and in Collie breeds.

In tick season, daily searching for, and removal of any ticks found is recommended.

The safety of NexGard Spectra in heartworm positive dogs or breeding males and females has not been evaluated.

If your dog has not been on consistent heartworm prevention previously, consult a veterinarian prior to beginning NexGard Spectra.

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Packet Size

3 Pack, 6 Pack


150 mg Afoxolaner and 30 mg Milbemycin Oxime