Pedigree Adult Loaf with 5 Kinds of Meat

Pedigree Loaf with 5 kinds of Meats will make a delicious meal topper or side dish to any pooches daily ration. Quality Meats for Optimal Health.

Pedigree Pantry Pack includes 12 x 700g tins.

No Artificial Flavours, 100% Complete & Balanced, With Quality Meat Protein, Australian Made With Quality Ingredients.

Healthy Digestion HEALTHY BONES – Calcium & Phosphorus for strong & healthy bones.
Digestion DIGESTION – Added Dietary Fibre to promote a healthy digestive system..


Meat including chicken, pork, beef, lamb & liver; gelling agents; cereal; vegetable fibre; colouring agents; gluten; minerals; sunflower oil; flavours; amino acids & vitamins

Typical Composition

Protein, Crude 5.5%
Fat, Cude 7%
Fibre, Cude 0.3%
Matabolisable Energy 85Kcal

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