Professional’s Choice Protective Boots Medium Fronts 4 Pack


The Elite Sports Medicine Boots is further enhance with VenTECH technology.These boots are lightweight and multi-layered with a ventilated neoprene exterior and Ultra Shock lining.

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VenTECH Elite SMB Boot Features:
• The original Elite Sports Medicine Boot enhanced with VenTECH technology.
• Lightweight and multi-layered with a ventilated neoprene exterior and UltraShock lining.
• Ventilated neoprene conforms to your horse, allows heat and moisture to escape, keeps him or her cool, comfortable and performing at their best.
• UltraShock lining is proven to absorb over 26% of energy from hoof impact.
• Provides 360 degrees of protection, safeguarding the cannon bone, tendons and soft tissue.
• The uniquely designed suspensory strap stretches with each stride, allowing full ankle movement and helping to eliminate fetlock hyperextension.
• The distinctive strap angle ensures a perfect fit providing maximum protection.