Running Headcheck


Sometimes referred to as a “4 Ring Overcheck”, the Running Headcheck is used on horses that don’t like to be checked too high, or horses that like to hold their heads a little bit lower later into the race.


The Headcheck (sometimes referred to as the “Check Rein”) fits from the centre of the saddle and up the horse’s top line. It then divides into two straps. Each strap goes through a special loop on the harness bridle, and runs down the horse’s face, finally fastening to the overcheck bit or chin strap. The purpose of a headcheck is to set the horse’s head carriage at the optimal height for racing to give his best performance, be easy to control and not impede his breathing.

The Running Overcheck can be adjusted so that the horse can get his head down (but only to a certain point). The reins are fed through the rings on the back part of the check, and the driver is able to provide more or less upward pressure as required, by varying the amount of rein contact.