The Milk Bar Calf Teat


The Milk Bar™ calf teat is the only teat design that ensures your calves suckle as if drinking from a cow and produce lots of saliva, which brings many benefits to you and your calves.


Milk Bar™ teats have an internal web – visible in the cut-away image – that controls the flow rate, stopping calves gulping and encouraging the correct suckling action required for good calf health.

  • Simulates the slow natural suckling action required for correct digestion
  • Calves fed with Milk Bar™ teats are more settled
  • Cross-sucking after feeding is greatly reduced or eliminated
  • The correct feeding rate helps curd formation, preventing raw milk entering the intestine which is a leading cause of nutritional scours
  • The inverted tip prevents irritations in the calf’s mouth
  • Hygienic Milk Bar™ teats have no threads or valves to harbor bacteria.