Oralx Tryptophane


Oralx Tryptophane can ease a nervous horse without affecting its ability to compete.


ORALX TRYPTOPHAN blends the amino acid L-Tryptophan with chelated magnesium and vitamin B-6 which are present in the formula to enhance the effect of the L-Tryptophan in aiding the proper function of a horses nervous system. Because L-Tryptophan cannot be synthesized by the body, it must be supplemented if lacking in the diet.

Additional information

Packet Size

12 pack, 34g



Can be added to feed or syringed over the tongue.

Use one tube 4 hours before an event.

For an extra loading dose, give night before event.

Active Constituents

Each Syringe contains 2.1g L-Tryptophane