Predamax 200g


Predamax is a powdered supplement for carnivores and omnivores fed on raw meat or canned food diets.


No kibble? No worries.

Originally developed for large carnivores in zoos and sanctuaries, Vetafarm’s Predamax is now available, by popular demand, for pet owners and their animals at home.

Predamax provides vitamins, minerals and multiple sources of calcium essential for the development and health of all meat eating animals, which are often absent in raw meat or canned foods.

What’s more, with addition of real Australian Kangaroo Meat, Predamax is easily dusted onto your animal’s food and readily consumed for hassle free supplementation.

Suitable for: Canines, felines and ferrets.

Recommended for: Carnivores and omnivores fed on raw meat or canned food diets.


Dust food with 1 gram (approx 1 level enclosed spoon) of Predamax per 4kg (8.8lb) body weight of animal. 1 dose of Predmax per day is recommended. Consult your Veterinarian before modifying the recommended dose.

This dose rate supplies approximately 50% of the NRC canine requirement for maintenance.

Growing animals should receive approximately double this recommendation.

Storage: Store below 30ºC (room temperature).

Active Ingredients

Per kg:
Calcium 235.7 g
Phosphate 105 g
Vitamin A 690,000 IU
Vitamin D 30,000 IU
Vitamin E 145 mg
Vitamin K 227 mg
Vitamin B1 320 mg
Vitamin B2 610 mg
Vitamin B6 200 mg
Vitamin B1 20.7 mg
Pantothenate 680 mg
Niacin 2100 mg
Folic Acid 10 mg
Choline Bitartrate 15 mg
Salt 37 g
Iodine 53.2 mg
Iron 1320 mg
Cobalt 13.8 mg
Magnesium 1280 mg
Manganese 186 mg
Zinc 221 mg