Ranvet Rutin Mix 2kg


A Bioflavonoid, mineral and vitamin supplement for horses.



  • Bioflavonoid compounds have been shown to aid in the prevention and treatment of ‘bleeding’ in racehorses which has been caused by capillary blood vessel fragility.
  • Bioflavonoid compounds are inclusive of Hesperidin and Troxerutin and have been shown to increases the resistance of the capillaries and reduce permeability to red cells.
  • Reduced formation of pro-inflammatory mediators such as prostaglandins, leukotrines and reactive oxygen species.
  • Significant reduction in free radical damage to cells.


  • Improvement in blood circulation.
  • Strengthening of blood vessels and capillary walls.
  • Increased elasticity of blood vessels and capillary walls.
  • Improvement in lymphatic flow and function.
  • Immune enhancement.

Active Constituents

Key Ingredients per KG

Rutin 20g Calcium 145g
Magnesium 113g Vitamin A 375,000IU


Mix Ranvet Rutin Mix thoroughly through the feed.  A measure is provided.  One level measure holds 30g Rutin Mix. Administration of Rutin Mix should commence immediately.  It is advisable to consult your veterinarian if the condition does not improve.

No claim can be made for Rutin powder in chronic cases due to hereditary factors or severe haemorrhage from the lungs or other sites associated with pathological lesions.


30g twice daily.